About Us

In 2014, Rob Armstrong, owner of Munroe Dairy Home Delivery in Rhode Island, asked his girlfriend, Maureen Maloney to create a great Granola. They came up with this recipe after trying tons of Granola that tasted more like cardboard than a cereal. This Granola is so good we eat is as a snack, a cereal and a topping!!

One of the first bakers we hired is Jehu. He came to work for us after baking cookies for a Non-Profit in Providence. Jehu is our lead trainer for the special baking process we developed. 

Kate manages the kitchen and our schedule on a day-to-day basis when she's not banjoing around! She keeps the shelves stocked with jars, pouches, and cases of the best Granola in the world!

...and Mary is a master baker of amazing custom cakes. She helps all around the kitchen and keeps us laughing with her smile which is almost as big as her heart!

Every person on our Team bakes Sacred Cow with Love.