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Sacred Cow Granola Recipe Ideas!

Some Sacred Cow Granola uses from a favorite customer:

  • as a topping on a bowl of yogurt w/fresh fruit to make a yogurt parfait
  • add to the bottom of a container,top it with your favorite milk and dried berries, set in the frig overnight for a granola “pudding on the run” in the morning
  • sprinkle over warm oatmeal for an energizing breakfast
  • sprinkle over french toast
  • mix into a spinach salad with fresh mozzarella cheese, shredded carrots, and your favorite balsamic dressing
  • crumble as a coating for baked chicken tenders
  • as a topping on a hot baked sweet potato with a little butter, maple syrup or honey or on a baked apple
  • as a topping on a lengthwise cut “banana boat” warmed with honey
  • as a topping on ice cream
  • as a trail mix with added dried fruit for a quick “on the road” snack


Nancy Johnson

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